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Barb and Doug, We wanted express our sincere thanks to you both for introducing us to this incredible breed. From The moment I contacted you with our story of losing our German Shepherd Jake you both were so kind, understanding and sympathetic to our pain.

It was then our friendship began and now a year later, thanks to the Pepper/Carter, litter we have our big boy Samson. From day one Samson became a huge part of our family. He bonded so quickly with us all and his personality, well I cannot say enough about his funny disposition. He is smart, gentle, loving and has a wonderful temperament. He is always playful with the kids but quickly learned his boundaries and is very obedient.

Having dealt with two separate breeders in the past, who, after purchasing pups from them, suddenly became impossible to reach by phone or email, I can say that you both are absolutely awesome! There is no doubt that you care about the breed and you care about the homes your pups are placed in. We appreciate your continued support, commitment and the comfort of knowing you are always there if we have questions.

For anyone concerned about Barb and Doug’s commitment to guarantee their dogs I can say without question they will stand behind that guarantee, and you will receive continued support if you have any questions. Their expertise, their care and thoughtfulness will keep me referring them to anyone searching for a puppy.

Marty and Sharron Fenton
Beaufort, South Carolina


Dear Doug and Barb: I am writing this letter to you to let you know how much my family and I appreciate being able to acquire "Major" from you. We have owned many different breeds of dogs. Our last, was a Doberman of 12 years named Maxx. He was to my family a very extraordinary companion. He began his life with us as a guardian companion for my wife. I found him to be very intuitive, willing to please, and a great companion for us. When our two boys came into our lives, Maxx easily accepted them as part of the pack and was equally protective. In 2008, I knew that my best friend would leave us before anyone was ready to part with him due to age and health issues. Maxx passed in my arms on Christmas Eve 2008.

My wife and I had promised our youngest son, Marshall, that he would be able to help us choose our next member of the pack. We considered many breeds through research on the Internet. I believe by guidance and some happenstance, my wife discovered the Shiloh Shepherd breed. Her research led us to many breeder’s sites and considerations. Even though we would have preferred to have found a breeder in Texas, we kept returning to the Semper Fi Shiloh Shepherd site. We discussed with Marshall and conferred with our oldest, Mason, about this breed of dog. It became a careful, unanimous decision that we would like to pursue the possibility of ownership. I filled out the puppy application and forwarded it, to wait for approval or disapproval. I received a call from Doug to discuss our application, and to our blessing we were approved. We were now in wait and see mode for the number of puppies that would be in the litter, and to make arrangements, when the puppy was old enough, to get the new member home to Texas.

I truly appreciate the consideration that you dedicate to the breed, and pairing up the puppies with the best owners. Somehow, in my heart, I knew that it would be Blue Boy from Pepper and Carter’s litter. My wife thought it would be Red Boy, and Marshall believed it would be Purple or Blue Boy. Mason was neutral, but was just excited about the possibilities of the new puppy.

When it came time to pick up Blue Boy in early February 2009, we had previously sat down at the kitchen table, and by a process of elimination of 35 names, decided upon “Major” for his name. Another decision was made, that we would drive from the Houston, Texas area to Horse Shoe, North Carolina to pick up the new addition to the pack.

I know that when we arrived at your home at the base of the Smokey Mountains it was late at night, but my family was still well received by the two of you. I also knew that the boys expected to have a cute cuddly small puppy when we picked up “Major”. To their delight we were introduced to a wonderful puppy that reminded them of a small bear cub. We could not have asked for a healthier, more spirited, and well cared for puppy to begin our exposure to the Shiloh Shepherd breed.

“Major” is 10 months old now, 28 inches tall at the shoulder, weighs 96 lbs., and exhibits a lot of love in his almost two foot long tail. He has completed basic obedience; some advanced, and has begun some training for search and rescue. His intuitive intelligence, soulfulness, affection, loyalty, and his tolerance of others, human and non-human, is commendable. I have always told my wife that there must be a linking or bonding of the souls of the animals in our lives in order to have the correct fit to our pack. “Major” has definitely bonded with us, and has a very deep soul behind his eyes. His union with the family will continue to grow as he matures, and as we mature in our understanding of him.

Doug and Barb, thank you so very much for allowing us to have “Major”, and selecting the best temperament for our family. We could not have asked for better quality representation of the breed, and a more desirable experience with a breeder of the Shiloh Shepherd. Your availability, when we have had any questions with the breed, or “Major” specifically, has been immeasurable and always appreciated. We will always keep you informed of “Major’s” progress and accomplishments, and keep you in our hearts and prayers for the blessing of our “Semper Fi’s Major."

Mike, Chrissie, Marshall, Mason, and “Major”

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