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Shiloh Shepherds are a great family dog and have earned acceptance and popularity around the world. They have great temperaments, giving great amounts of love and loyalty to their families and a faithfulness beyond reproach. They are friendly with most other animals but will show “protectiveness” when on their own turf. These beauties make incomparable companions and are easily trained for obedience, herding, search and rescue, and therapy dogs.

The Shiloh Shepherd is a rare breed founded in 1991. The breed standard calls for an impression of nobility and intelligence. Shilohs are protective without aggression while being sweet and loving to children and family. Females are usually 26-28 inches at the whither while males are 28-31 inches. Females can weigh, at maturity, between 80-115 pounds, while males run between 115-140 pounds. Because of their size this dog is not for everyone. The Shiloh needs lots of exercise, grooming, and training. Of most importance is socialization. Puppies are energetic and full of themselves.

Breeders are dedicated to do only selective, approved breedings for assured good health and continuation of this magnificent breed.


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